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Love+ LiverOK - Silybin-Phosphatidycholine Complex (SPC) Major Ingredients: Silybin-Phosphatidycholine-Vitamin E Complex (SPC) that contains Silymarin (Silybin), the leading and the most studied liver health support agent, which is extracted from Milk thistle seed. Phosphatidycholine (PC), an essential phospholipid, which is extracted from soybean with U.S.A. technology. PC is required for the assembly / secretion of VLDL and for solubilizing cholesterol in bile. Without adequate PC, fat and cholesterol accumulate in the liver. Research indicates that PC promotes liver regeneration, protects liver cells from toxin-induced damage and slows down their aging process. Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant for additional liver protection. LiverOK is made in the USA with the best ingredients available in an FDA approved manufacturing facility. Are you sure that your supplements contain what's on the label? WHY IS LiverOK is different from other liver supplements? LiverOK SPC offers synergistic effects that supports health of the liver, as well as nervous and cardiovascular systems: increases the solubility of Silymarin while maintaining its antioxidant properties for high bioavailability (Nutrients. 2018 Aug 23;10(9). pii: E1153. doi: 10.3390/nu10091153.). improves liver functions and helps protection of liver cells (Loguercio C et. al. Free Radic Biol Med 2012;52(9):1658-65, Federico A et. al. In Vivo 2015;29(5):569-575.) a precursor for intracellular messenger molecules that are central to cell signaling and thereby influence cell function alleviates obesity-related complications such as body weight gain, lipid accumulation and excess fats, helps maintain cardiovascular health provides choline which can be oxidised into betaine, betaine is a methyl donor in the remethylation of homocysteine to reduce risk of cardiovascular problem protects the liver from alcohol, helps repair damaged liver cells Additional benefits of LiverOK : HELPS BOOST THE HEALTH OF ALL OUR CELLS With over 70 trillion cells in our body, it is important to keep our cells healthy. PC is the predominant phospholipid in all cell membranes, including brain cell membranes. Therefore, PC is an essential nutrient for optimal health but we may not get enough of it from diet or lose it as we age. Without PC, cells age faster and do not function optimally. LiverOK replenishes the cell PC for better longevity of not only the liver and brain but all other organs. PROMOTE HEALTHY BRAIN CELLS & SUPPORTS THE AGING BRAIN About 60% of the brain is fat. Low levels of body PC impact the brain, affecting memory, mental alertness, behaviour, and focus, especially as one ages. LiverOK supports the integrity of neuron membranes, its PC helps the neurotransmitter in our brain work more efficiently, leading to an overall better cognitive health, through enhanced neuroplasticity SUPPORTS NERVE & COGNITIVE FUNCTION Choline was recognized as a required nutrient by the US Institute of Medicine in 1998. Choline is used for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine for muscle control, circadian rhythm, memory, and many other neuronal functions. LiverOK is an excellent source of Choline. An increase of choline and acetylcholine in the brain is critical to establishing healthier neural connections and cognitive function and contributes to enhanced concentration, memory and focus for a longer period of time. PROMOTES LIVER HEALTH Low levels of PC are linked to poor liver function. Research indicates that PC in LiverOK promotes liver regeneration, protects liver cells from toxin-induced damage and slows down their aging process FAT METABOLISM PC in LiverOK promotes the healthy flow of bile and aids in the utilization of fats & cholesterol and support lipid health that benefit the cardiovascular system. WHY YOU NEED LiverOK? Do you have poor liver function, high liver fat, unhealthy diet, alcoholism? Do you smoke, sleep late, take medicines long-term? Are you having trouble keeping your concentration more and more often at work or school? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t concentrate enough because you feel tired for no reason? Are you concern about the health of your nervous system and cardiovascular system? If you are experiencing these problems or lifestyles, LiverOK is the perfect solution! How to Use? Children, people receiving continual prescribed medication or pregnant should consult doctor before use. For health maintenance: Take 2 capsules once a day. For those with poor liver function: 2 capsules two times a day. Content:120 capsules per bottle

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珍愛 - 支肝健 LiverOK (120粒軟膠囊)


  1. 乳薊素(乳薊賓)是乳薊種子精華,為主要和最多研究的護肝食品,。

  2. 磷脂酰膽鹼(PC,人體必需的磷脂,以美國先進技術從大豆中提取。PC 幫助去除VLDL。 沒有足夠的PC,脂肪和膽固醇會在肝臟中積累。 研究表明,PC可以促進肝臟再生,保護肝細胞免受毒素損害並減緩肝細胞衰老。

  3. 維生素E,一種天然的抗氧化劑,可進一步保護肝臟。




  • 支肝健複合物(SPC具有協同作用,可支持肝臟,神經系統和心血管系統的健康:

  • 增加乳薊素的溶解度,同時保持其抗氧化功能,有高生物利用度(Nutrients.2018 Aug 23; 10(9).pii:E1153.doi:10.3390 / nu10091153。)。

  • 改善肝功能並幫助保護肝細胞(Loguercio C等.Free Radic Biol Med 2012; 52(9):1658-65,Federico A等.In Vivo 2015; 29(5):569-575 )

  • 細胞內信使分子的前體,對細胞信號傳導至關重要,從而影響細胞功能

  • 減輕與肥胖有關的並發症,例如體重增加,脂質堆積和過多的脂肪,有助於維持心血管健康

  • 提供可被氧化成甜菜鹼的膽鹼,甜菜鹼是高半胱氨酸再甲基化中的甲基供體,可降低發生心血管疾病的風險

  • 保護肝臟免受酒精侵害,幫助修復受損的肝細胞



人體有超過70萬億個細胞,因此保持細胞健康很重要。 PC是所有細胞膜(包括腦細胞膜)中的主要磷脂。因此,PC是保持細胞佳健康的必需營養素,但我們可能無法從飲食中攝取足夠的PC或隨著年長丟失。如果沒有PC,細胞會老化得更快,並且無法發揮最佳功能。

  • LiverOK可以補充細胞PC,可以延長肝臟和大腦以致所有其他器官的壽命。



  • 支肝健LiverOK支持神經元膜的完整性,通過增強的神經可塑性幫助大腦中的神經遞質更有效地作用,總體改善認知力。



  • 支肝健LiverOK是膽鹼的絕佳來源。大腦中膽鹼和乙酰膽鹼的增加對於建立更健康的神經連接和認知功能至關重要,並有助於長時間增強注意力,記憶力和注意力。



  • 研究表明,支肝健LiverOK可以促進肝臟再生,保護肝細胞免受毒素損害並減緩衰老。


  • 支肝健LiverOK可以促進膽汁的流動,有助於脂肪和膽固醇的代謝,有益於心血管系統的健康。








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